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Hello and welcome!

My name is Laura and I’m a certified professional Photo Manager and founder of Photo Curating. We help take care of your photo life to give you peace of mind that your family’s photos are organized, searchable and secure so you can enjoy them today and in the future.

What is a Photo Manager? We help our clients manage the overwhelming number of images taken in this age of ever-present cell phone cameras as well as all the old photographs and albums waiting to be digitized and shared.  We organize the jumbles of photos into curated, easily accessible photo archives, online galleries,  photo books and more so they can be enjoyed and preserved.

As a lifelong photographer,  I see the world in images and appreciate the stories they tell and the depth they add to our lives. Taking and sharing photos is my thing as is making sure they are organized and easily accessible for family and friends. It's rewarding watching the joy people get when they can easily pull up and share a specific photo from years past with just a few clicks on their phone.

I love doing this work for my clients and feel fortunate to combine my love of photography, organization and design to help them discover the joy and reward of an organized, accessible photo life.  

I look forward to helping you with your photos.  Please reach out for a complimentary consultation to discuss your photo needs, define your goals and determine how we can assist you. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and are available remotely worldwide.


Laura Barker

Owner | Photo Curating


"I knew as soon as I spoke with Laura on the phone that she was the one for me. We worked together seamlessly and the outcome was more than I could have imagined. She approached my tens of thousands of photographs as stories to tell. Scanning, organizing and designing the books was accomplished with expertise, caring and understanding. I now have something that will last forever for my family and tell our story."  -  Bonnie W.

"My experience working with Laura was a dream and I can't recommend her highly enough! My father retired after 33 years as a federal judge and I received over 10 large boxes of items from his office. I was overwhelmed and didn't know how I was ever going to scan everything and record his amazing life for posterity's sake; I also didn't want to let everything simply sit in boxes for years without being appreciated.   She ended up creating a set of three 12x12 volumes (100 pgs each) and added notes, etc. to the photos to create a cohesive, chronological and fascinating story of my dad's personal and professional life. My dad was beyond thrilled to receive the books and I also made a set for myself. Now I can get rid of all the boxes without feeling bad knowing I have the books for years to come for my family and subsequent generations. I plan on hiring Laura for other projects in the near future! " - Christie T

"As a CMO of a fashion brand I am super picky about all things photo & creative; plus I have very little time for anything personal, so getting a book I loved without needing to give much (if any) feedback was important to me. Laura made this process so simple. She thoroughly anticipated what to ask in advance, and then ran with it from there. I actually didn’t make a single change! Laura has a really great eye for quality and storytelling and her communication was excellent throughout the project. She was so thoughtful, conscientious and easy to work with. I will definitely continue to use her for my MANY years of photo management needs — which I have neglected for way too long for all of these reasons!"   - Kristen D

“Am so glad I found Photo Curating when searching online for a digital photo archive specialist!  Honest and reliable quality work, from a career photographer.  Laura was awesome to do business with. First class job, with fair prices and timely, responsiveness. Very detail oriented and clearly takes pride in her craft. Would absolutely recommend her work!”  -  Dan A

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